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VIFLY Finder Mini Drone Buzzer

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VIFLY Finder Mini Drone Buzzer

Have you ever crashed your quadcopter and disconnected the battery? If yes then you know the risk of losing your drones is real! Especially, if you're flying long range FPV miles away from home, tracking and retrieving the crashed aircraft can be very challenging.

The VIFLY Finder Mini is the mini version of the popular VIFLY Finder 2 which adds additional features beyond just a simple buzzer when it detects a crash. Want a wireless buzzer solution? Check out the VIFLY Beacon. 

Weighing only 2.7g, it is the perfect drone buzzer for compact build. After searching and testing a large number of beepers, VIFLY Finder Mini uses the loudest buzzer that can be found in this tiny size, the volume can be up to 100 dB. Almost half size and weight of VIFLY Finder 2, but the volume is not lower too much.


Comparison Table – VIFLY Finder Mini VS VIFLY Finder 2

    VIFLY Finder Mini VIFLY Finder 2
Weight    2.7g 5g
Size    19x11x12 mm 24x13x16 mm
Volume  Up to 100 dB
Up to 110 dB
Working Time   Up to 7 hours
Up to 30 hours
Battery 40mAh LiPo 80mAh LiPo
Light Sensor   No Yes
Applicable models  Compact Size Build Normal/Large Size Build

Much Louder than Standard Buzzer

To easily find the lost drone in long-distance, the VIFLY Finder Mini buzzer is designed to install a very loud beeper that the DB is over 100.

Two Options to Disarm the Buzzer

  1. Disarm with button: Disconnect the main battery, hold the disarm button on VIFLY Finder 2 for 1-5 seconds then release.
  2. Disarm with main battery: Disconnect the main battery, then connect the main battery for 3-6 seconds and disconnect it again.

It will beep 3 times when disarmed successfully.

Compatible with Both FPV quadcopter and RC Airplane

VIFLY Finder Mini is programmed to be compatible with any flight controllers to support FPV quad and receivers for RC airplanes. No extra setting required it will automatically recognize the device to connect.


  • Volume: Up to 100 dB
  • Working Time: Up to 7 hours
  • Battery: 40mAh LiPo
  • Input Voltage:4.5-8.5V
  • Dimensions: 19x11x12 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 g

Alarm Pattern

First 30 seconds 30s to 2 hours After 2 hours
Low volume    Max volume every 6s every 12s / idle until dawn



  • 1x Buzzer


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