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Team BlackSheep TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver (SE) - B4G1F

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 Team BlackSheep TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver SE - B4G1F 

TBS is stepping up the Long Range / UHF game, with no competition in sight! With the TBS Crossfire Nano RX we condense 2 years of engineering experience, listening to our customer requirements, and pushing ourselves to the maximum (or in this case, the minimum!). The end result is a full range receiver, at the smallest size of any receiver in the industry (yes, it's smaller than the FrSky XM+ Receiver). 

The Special Edition includes the TBS Immortal-T antenna! The stock receiver with stock antenna will begin to sell end of February 2018.

We personally use this Nano Crossfire receiver in all our drones and they are by far the best upgrade we ever did to our fleet. We regularly take weekend trips to capture stunning long range HD footage with our crossfire-equipped quads.

If you're interested in building a long range drone, check out this article from our friend Benson Kalahar on 'What you need to know when flying Long Range FPV?'


  • Weight: 0.5g (receiver only)
  • Size: 11mm x 18mm
  • Requires: Firmware V2.24


  • 5x TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver
  • 5x TBS Immortal-T Antenna V2
  • 5x Spare shrink tube
  • 5x 30awg silicon connection wires packs (2 black, 2 red, 1 white, 1 yellow)
  • 5 x pin header 1x4



How to install the Crossfire Nano Receiver on your drones

Please check out the beautifully written guide 'How to Set Up Team BlackSheep Crossfire System in Betaflight' by Oscar Liang

Also check all the videos below


Check out some video footage of drones running the Crossfire long range system



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