Cicada 4-in-1 10A BusyBee2 Tiny BLHeli_S DShot ESC

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Remember the day when LittleBee 4in1 20A was the revolutionary ESC that makes your micro builds neat? Well, we have something even better now. This Cicada BusyBee2 Tiny 4-in-1 10A BLHeli_S ESC sports 20x20mm mounting holes that can be stack directly underneath the FuriousFPV Piko BLX flight controller and FuriousFPV Innova VTX. 
With this ESC, your sub 100mm builds can now easily compete with brushed quads. Have all the size advantage and no power disadvantage! 


  • If you are using this to replace the stock Blade Torrent ESC, modding to the frame is required



· Model: BLHELI-S  4 IN 1  10A
· Weight: 13g
· Size: 27*27mm
· Constant Current: 10A
· Max Current: 15A
· Input: 2 to 3 Li-XX



Shipping Weight: 40g