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Sirin FPV F3 Flight Controller with Built-in OSD/VTX/Blackbox

  • USD 9999

This flight controller is a game changer. It truly is a all-in-one flight controller with the OSD, VTX and Blackbox built-in. You can easily program the OSD via Betaflight Configurator, say goodbye to FTDI!! 

What else can you do with the OSD other than changing PIDs and rates? How about changing VTX band, channel and power? Yes, the built-in VTX has adjustable 25mw-200mw power output and it can be programmed via the OSD. 

When you buy this board, you're supporting a product that is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. It's a great product backed by an innovative and capable development team. 


  • High speed SPI bus powered onboard components for ultra-low looptime
    • OSD
    • MicroSD Blackbox
    • 25mW-200mW VTX
    • Gyro (8khz refresh rate)
    • F3 processor
  • 6x motor output
  • 3x fully accessible serial ports (independent from USB)
  • STMF303CC CPU w/256K flash
  • MPU6500 IMU 
  • MAX7456 OSD
  • USB over VCP, not shared with UART


  • 1x Flight controller

What you still need to get:

  • This flight controller requires a 5V voltage regulator.  Because of the vTX & OSD we recommend a 1A minimum. 
  • SMA connector or SMA pigtail connector


Shipping weight: 50g

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