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Shendrones Siccario Cinelifter Frame Kit & Parts V2

USD $375.00

 Shendrones Siccario Cinelifter Frame Kit & Parts V2


If you're a professional videographer looking for a drone that can carry big cameras, look no more. Shendrones has several designs that are specifically made for this application, one of those designs is the Shendrones Siccario. The Siccario is one of the hottest, if not the hottest large cinelifter frame on the market right now. The compact, unique and versatile design allows it to carry different professional cameras with ease. The clean-dirty plate design produces high quality jello-free footage for your production shoots. 

Developed with Gab707, Siccario is the ultimate Cinelifter, a 405mm X8 designed to optimize weight distribution for ideal flight characteristics. It has upswept 10mm arms that put the line of thrust right through the heaviest part of the drone, the camera. Body plates are 3mm. The base frame includes the body plates, arms, dampers, and motor mounts. Dampers are either homemade silicone or Alpha Gel.

There are Komodo, BGH1, and Zcam mounts available, with DSLR mounts on the way. The Komodo mount includes aluminum brackets that attach to the camera body. All mount kits include a clean plate, vertical stanchions, and all camera mounting hardware.

3d printed parts include fpv cam mount, antenna mounts, landing nubbins, and Immortal T mounts. Base frame package contains no printed parts, you can print your own here.

To assemble a complete kit you'll need a base frame with either damper option, a camera mount kit, and 3d printed parts if you can't print your own.

Read more about Siccario here. Build tips are here.

    For a cinelifter, you want to focus on reliability and quality, hence we've compiled a list of recommended parts below: 


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