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Shendrones Geyser Cinewhoop Frame Kit

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 Shendrones Geyser Cinewhoop Frame Kit

    Picture for illustration purposes only. The kit comes with universal tab mount for GoPro Hero 8 and 9, it does not come with servo mount or 2nd cam operator.


    Designed for professional filming in mind, the Geyser is a 180mm ducted quad for 85mm props, made to be an all purpose cinematic platform for whatever you want to throw at it. The bottom plate is 3mm, the top plate 2mm. Standoff spacing is the same as the Squirt, so Squirt cam mounts work with the Geyser as well. 

    Geyser is made for 16x19 mount motors. Andy takes a motor that works on 4s for 4" props and use it here on 5 or 6s with 85mm props. His prop cutter works for Nutmeg, Squirt and Geyser.

    You can use Squirt's cam mounts for a fixed cam single operator configuration. Or you can print the servo mount and make Geyser a dual operator video rig. Cam mounts can hold an aio cam/vtx or a micro cam for dual operator use, or no second cam for single operator/camstab.

    The carbon and hardware kit contains all the screws and standoffs you need to build the frame, as well as a pink standoff (the black ones don't fit in the bearings) and bearings for the servo tilt mech.

    This is the servo and the aio cam/vtx I use.

    Files are here. Print your own parts or order them from a printer. All parts are meant for TPU. I highly recommend Phoenix 3d if you can't print your own.

    Due to the large number of permutations, allow up to day for 3d printing.

    Read more about it here



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