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RotorX RX122 Atom V3 (DIY or BNF)

  • USD 39900

 This is the moment we have been waiting for: RotorX RX122 Atom V2!

The RotorX RX122 Atom V2 is one of the most advanced micro drones on the market. RX122 Atom V2 is the child of the marriage between Team Black Sheep and RotorX. This micro drone features a compact yet advanced brain, TBS RxCube, engineered by the great guys at TBS specifically for Atom V2. Atom V2's brain is a stack design containing a flight controller, ESCs and a VTX/OSD combo. Atom V2's electronics are housed in an indestructible polycarbonate canopy that comes in variety of colors to suit your preference. 

RotorX RX122 Atom V2 is designed for flyers of all skill levels: choose the Junior package (JR) if you're new to drone racing, or Pro package if you're a speed demon! Atom V2 is modular, meaning you can easily upgrade the motors from JR to Pro as your skills grow. 

We supply batteries that are suitable for each setup, 450mah 3S 75C for JR kit or 850mah 3S 75C for Pro kit. 


  • 1x TBS RxCube 
  • 4x RotorX Motors (1105B 6500kV or 1406 4100kV or 1407 2800kV)
  • 1x 4.0mm Main Frame 
  • 1x Canopy (random color) - replacement canopies here
  • 1x TBS Triumph VTX Antenna 
  • 1x CMOS 145deg FOV Camera 
  • 1x Pack of props (random color)
  • 1x TPU Printed camera mount 
  • 1x Hardware pack 
  • 1x Battery strap 



Shipping Weight: 520g 



Atom V2 Manual 

Office RCGroup RotorX Atom V2 Support Thread 



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