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RotorX RX 1835XP Quad-blade Propeller (4CW, 4CCW)

USD $3.99
Color: Smokey Black


RotorX RX 1835XP Quad-blade Propeller

RX1835 quad-blade propeller for micro brushless motors is the latest in the evolution of RotorX micro propellers that have been setting the standard of high performance for small FPV drones since 2014.

This quad blade propeller was specially designed for Hasbro, as part of the brushless 'Lokii' indoor/outdoor micro racing drone development package.  Its propeller lineage comes from the development of the famously efficient and powerful RX2535 bi/quad propellers from 2015, which lead to the RX2035 and GF2035 scaling efforts as we changed from ABS to semi-transparent polycarbonate mix that has since become popular throughout all racing propellers.

The RX1835 hub shape is different to all our other T-style mounted propellers, in that we have returned to a shaft friction fit, as the tiny scales mean that the T-style hub mounts are too bulky and aerodynamically inefficient.  The RX1835 locks hard onto brushless outrunner motor shafts of 1.5mm diameter, and removes the need for tools and screws when mounting normal orientation or even inverted.

  • Highly efficient and quiet operation
  • Highest thrust 1.8" propeller on the market
  • Ultra lightweight configuration
  • 8 props per pack, 4CW & 4CCW so a full set plus a full set of spares
  • Quad blade for excellent handling in tight spaces
  • Practically Indestructible RX blended PC mix
  • No tool/screws Friction fit mounting on 1.5mm shafts
  • Normal or Inverted operation
  • Fits most popular brushless micro racing quads/motors


  • LENGTH 1.8"
  • PITCH 3.5"
  • MATERIAL RX Polycarbonate
  • WEIGHT IN GRAMS 0.4 Grams per propeller
  • COLOR Semi Trans Black
  • HUB ID 1.49mm
  • INCLUDES 4x CCW Propellers, 4x CW Propellers


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