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Nano Camera + VTX 5G8 Combo

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 Caddx EOS2 and TBS Unify Nano Combo

If you have a 2 inch quad running 16x16 flight stack or even a brushless whoop and thinking about upgrading the FPV system, check out our EOS2 + TBS Unify Nano Combo. This combo allows you to have a separate video transmitter without adding much weight to your drones. The TBS Unify Nano is a small VTX can that transmit up to 50mW which is more than enough for your indoor whoop races!


 Camera: Caddx EOS 2

Model No. Turbo Eos2
Image Sensor 1/3 inch COMS
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Resolution 1200TVL
Latency min 3ms
Lens 2.1mm
FOV 160"
TV system NSTC
Aspect Ration 16:9
Illumination 0.005LUX
Color black
Power Input 3.3V-9V
Net weight 5g
Dimension 14*14*16(mm)


VTX: TBS Unify Nano 5G8



As builds become smaller and the innovation surrounding brushed and brushless micro quads accelerates, the need for a high-quality VTx increases. TBS has built the smallest VTx possible, focusing purely on size! Sporting the usual Unify Pro pedigree, a newly-revised u.FL connector and the industry-standard Smart Audio support. You will be blown away with the performance in terms of range, signal clarity and signal spacing.


  • Input Voltage: 4.5V - 5V
  • Power levels: 25mW / 50mW
  • Interface: SmartAudio and capacitive button (or solder external tactile button separately - included!)
  • Weight: 1.4g (incl. antenna)
  • Size: 13.2mm x 14.6mm
  • Antenna connector: u.FL (upgraded)
  • Antenna length: 45.6mm (end to end)
  • TBS Tech: Smart Audio, Clean Switch


  • 1x Unify Pro nano 5G8 VTX
  • 1x button switch
  • 1x TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 Linear Antenna
  • 6x 30awg silicon connection wires (2 black, 2 red, 1 white, 1 yellow)




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