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FR7 7 Inch Long Range Frame Kit

USD $60.00

 FR7 7 Inch Long Range Open Source Frame

This open source frame project, FR7, was started by Jeremy Mariscal, a aerospace mechanical engineer by trade and an avid long range FPV pilot. With the help of the community, FR7 has gone through many iterations very quickly and has become one of the hottest 7 inch long range frame out there. 

The FR7 train is here and moving fast. It waits for nobody. BUT, since it's an open source project, getting one's hands on a kit has been less than convenient. Working closely with Jeremy and CNCMadness, we're proud to be the first FPV shop to distribute the FR7 frame. The price has been carefully calculated to keep the cost as low as possible. 

Design Philosophy

The FR7 is a purpose built for fast mid and long range cruising.  Designed to pull clean HD footage without props in view, #NoPropNoCrop, all while throwing a 4Ah+ 6S battery 2-3 miles out and back at 60-70mph.  The FR7 definitely lives up to its namesake, Full Range.

The FR7 combines design features from frames past and present:

  • Modified arm geometry (deadcat-ish) keeps the large 7” props out of view in any video format - Project 399 SuperG+
  • HD under FPV cam allows for a lower CG and allows for super low perspective HD footage - MB Epic
  • Split bottom plate allows the HD cam to be as low as possible - Impulse RC Reverb (and SuperG+):
  • Interlocking arms minimized arm movement/slop - Impulse RC Alien

Design Features

  • Full open source design:  
  • Robust construction:  6mm arms and 2mm/2.5mm plates provide extreme rigidity and minimal frame resonance/gyro noise
  • Dual 30.5 x 30.5 stacks
  • Huge Top Plate:  Fits up to a 5000mAh 6s
  • Designed for Diversity:  Horizontal front and vertical rear receiver antennas
  • Platypuss Tail Module:  Provides a convenient way to mount your VTX, receiver, VTX antenna, vertical receiver antenna and GPS receiver all in one compact unit (or use in combination with the rear 30x30 accessory stack)
  • HD Camera Hot Swapping:  Change between Session and Hero cameras without removing the FPV camera or front RF antenna
  • Multiple Camera Upright options:  Allows use of full size, mini and micro cameras
  • Battery strap retention for both top and bottom mount batteries.
  • Frame Weight:  ~200g (not including prints)
  • Ton of room for activities!

3D Printed Parts

You can now get the 3D printed parts from AirBladeUAV as well, head over to the FR7 7 Inch Long Range - 3D Printed Accessories Set here. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can also print your own accessories using the files uploaded on Thingiverse

    Parts Recommendation

    With this beautifully crafted design, we also recommend the Long Range FPV Combo to go with it which includes:

    Other great components to check out:

    Sample Builds

    Check out some sample builds on Rotorbuilds 


    • 1 x Top Plate (2.5mm)
    • 1 x Bottom Plate (2.5mm)
    • 1 x Brace Plate (2mm)
    • 2 x Front Arms (6mm)
    • 2 x Back Arms (6mm)
    • 1 x Hardware pack


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    Shipping Weight: 350g