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Flycolor Raptor S-Tower 20x20mm F3 with Built-in OSD + 4-in-1 12A ESC

  • USD 5599


  • Constant: 12A
  • Burst 15A
  • BEC: 1A 5V
  • Input: 2-3S
  • Weight: 11.5g
  • Dimensions: 30.5x33.4x19
  • Hardware: M2


Built-in OSD Version:

● EFM8BB21F16G MCU with 50 MHz maximum operating frequency. using dedicated 3in1 drivers, makes
the start more smooth. 
ESC maximum speed is limited to 500k eRPM.

small size&lighter in weight. More suitable for ultra small multirotors.

Two layers tower structure between 4in1 ESC and FC using quick pin connection. makes the installation
faster and more convenient

Exposed pads for Battery and Motor wires, fast welding without additional disassembly, motor replacement
is more convenient 

F3 flight controller, supports PPM and SBUS remote control / receiving mode.

FC integrated OSD, no external OSD device is requiredintegrated 5V/1A for Image transmitter, camera,
buzzer, LED and other peripheral devices ;

BLHeli-S firmware designed for superior performance in multirotors, and uses hardware generated motor
pwm for smooth throttle response and silent operation.

There are tuneable parameters that can make the code run well even in the most demanding situations,
although default settings will work excellently in normal operating environments.

The code supports regular 1-2ms pulse width input, as well as Oneshot125 , Oneshot42 and Multishot . The input signal is automatically detected
by the ESC upon power up.

Supports Dshot digital signal, anti-interference ability is stronger, and do not need throttle calibration. 



Shipping Weight: 50g


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