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DYS XM20A V2 BLHeli Oneshot for high kV motors

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These tiny DYS XM20A V2 ESC comes pre-flashed with the latest BLHeli firmware featuring Damped Light and Oneshot. The XM20A series have been developed specificaly for higer KV motor applications and offer faster processing speeds than those of the popular SN20A series.


  • SiLabs 8051 microprocessor
  • 50MHz running speed 
  • BLHeli Bootloader
  • MOS drivers
  • Solder pads for tidy motor wire installation
  • Ability to flash new firmware and program ESC settings in BLHeli Suite via Cleanflight or Betaflight passthrough feature



  • 3-4s LiPo
  • Output Current 20 amps
  • OPTO no BEC
  • Signal frequency 20-500Hz
  • Output PWM frequency 18kHz
  • Size 23 x 12 x 4.5mm
  • 5.4 grams without wires


How to flash firmware and program settings on any ESC containing BLHeli bootloader


Shipping Weight:  35g


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