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Diatone Power & LED Hub/BEC 5V 12V 2A V7.3

  • USD 999

The new V7.3 Mini POWER HUB is based on the Diatone PDB V7.0. It has added LC filter circuit and optimized BEC circuit. This board also has ESC signal channels that makes wiring clean and easy.

The HUB distributes power from a battery pack to 4 ESCs, as well as providing two synchronised & regulated DC outputs for powering cameras, servos, video transmitters, LEDs, etc. Batteries may range from 3S to 6S LiPo, and the BEC input is TVS protected.

The HUB also features convenient solder bridge of various voltage for camera & video transmitter. 


2oz copper & 4-layers PCB.

4 ESC signal channels to connect to FC

ESC & Battery solder tabs in pairs.

Solder Bridges of various voltage for Camera & VTX.

DC/DC synchronous buck regulator, Efficiency is up to 95%.

TVS(Transient Voltage Suppressor) protection for DC/DC chip.

5V & 12V Output LED indicators & Short circuit tolerant.



Working Voltage: 3~6S LiPo

Output Voltage: 5V&12V

Output Current: 2A

ESC outputs: 4

Current output:4*20A

Size: 36*36mm

Weight: 5.5g

Mounting: 30.5mm / Φ3mm


Package Included:

1 x PDB


Shipping Weight: 20g

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