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Caddx Peanut HD Action Camera Ultralight FPV

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Caddx Peanut HD Action Camera with FlowState Stabilization

Getting really good stabilized HD footage on micro drones has always been an unattainable dream. Many options were introduced over the years, for example: Insta360 GO, Insta360 GO2, BetaFPV SMO, DIY Naked GoPro etc. However, with each of these options, there are always limitations, until NOW! 

The Caddx Peanut HD Action Camera is built up on the foundation of Insta360 GO2 which gave it a leg up in terms of size and weight, coming in at only 27g. The record time in FPV mode is already up to 30 minutes which is more than what most micro drones can fly for. 

But that's not enough, Caddx added a tons of new features to make this camera even better: 

  • Magnetic charging cable: You don't have to take this camera out of your drone to charge with this cable, simply connect the cable to the back of the camera and charge it on the fly. This also allows you to power this camera with external power source even during flight. This is much like the MagSafe on a Macbook. 
  • Remote control: You can easily start and stop recording with a flip of a switch on your radio controller. So convenient! 
  • Did we mention 1440p 50fps video quality? 
  • Wifi Preview: Unlike the Insta360 GO base model where you have to connect the camera to the case and plug it into your phone to download and preview the footage, you can do it over wifi with Caddx Peanut. 



The FlowState stabilization will keep your shots steady, no matter how fast you dip, dive and roll your drone. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality for size with this FPV camera. 

And we can't stress enough how light and small this camera is, it is only 27grams (including battery)! And it packs the same amazing FlowState Stabilization technology that you can find on other Insta360 cameras, which gives you amazing high-quality and stabilized drone footage. 

With this new camera, you can capture footage from cool perspective like a Third-Person View (3PV) or under the drone view, or backwards looking view etc. Even though launched not long ago, there are already many mounts made for this camera on your drones, make sure you check out Thingiverse for that. 

And for you spec nerds, check out the specifications below. 


  • Weight: 27g
  • Dimensions: 54x24x21mm
  • Power Supply Range: 5V@1A or use a 2S-6S stepdown BEC
  • Lens Aperture: F/2.2
  • ISO: Auto, 100-3200
  • 35mm equivalent focal length: 11.24mm
  • EV: +-4EV
  • Video Resolutions:
    • 2560x1440p @50fps, 30fps, 25fps, 24fps
    • 1920x1080p @50fps, 30fps, 25fps, 24fps 
  • Video mode:
    • Pro video (FlowState Stabilization)
    • Video (Basic Stabilization)
    • HDR
    • Timelapse
    • Hyperlapse
    • Slow Motion
  • Storage: 32Gb (28Gb usable)
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Video Coding: H.264
  • Video Maximum Bit Rate: 80Mbps
  • Connector: USB-C
  • Charging method: Power connector, USB Connector
  • Charging time: 23 mins to 80%, 35 mins to 100%
  • Bluetooth connectivity: BLE5.0
  • Wifi: 5G 
  • Operating enviroment: -20C to 40C



  • 1x Peanut Camera
  • 1x Mount Adapter
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x USB Connector
  • 2x Mx1.25 3-pin Power Cable
  • 1x 2S-6S Step down module
  • 1x ND8 Filter
  • 1x ND16 Filter
  • 1x Mounting screws
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Wiping Cloth



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