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BrainFPV Radix + Hobbywing 60A 6S ESC Combo

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BrainFPV Radix + Hobbywing 60A 6S ESC Combo

Get this 30x30 flight stack combo for your FPV racing quads or Long Range FPV quads


  • 1x BrainFPV Radix F4 Flight Controller
  • 1x Hobbywing XRotor Micro 60A 6S 4in1 ESC


BrainFPV Radix F4 Flight Controller

To quote the word of Jenni Minas from BrainFPV: "The RADIX is different than any other flight controllers because it uses different hardware, like the Bosch gyro as well as the way we run the gOSD (graphical OSD).

We use our own fork of betaflight because we use a RTOS, and the OSD is different, etc. The RADIX was designed by Martin, who has a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and knows what he is doing.

We are the ONLY company that designs our own FCs ourselves and we also flash, test, package, label, each FC ourselves before they get sent out. As a company, BrainFPV pride ourselves on the support and engagement we have with our customers. We love hearing your feedback, even if it is negative, as that is how we make better products - by listening and engaging with you guys.

We have written step-by-step build manuals to help you build your perfect quad (, and since we actually designed the board, and test them all ourselves, we can actually help you with troubleshooting."


    Hobbywing XRotor Micro 60A 6S 4in1 BLHeli_32 ESC


    • High-performance 32-bit microprocessor with the running frequency of up to 48MHz for an excellent performance.
    • BLHeli_32 firmware is the third generation BLHeli, following base BLHeli and BLHeli-S.
    • All codes use damped light mode. Damped light does regenerative braking, causing very fast motor retardation, and inherently also does active freewheeling.
    • The code supports features to prevent sync loss. There are tunable parameters that can make the code run well even in the most demanding situations, although default settings will work excellently in normal operating environments.
    • The code supports regular 1-2ms pulse width input, as well as Oneshot125 (125-250us), Oneshot42 (41.7-83.3us) and Multishot (5-25us).
    • Dshot signaling is supported at any rate up to at least Dshot1200. The input signal is automatically detected by the ESC upon power up.
    • The code also supports a beacon functionality, where the ESC will start beeping after a given time of zero throttles. This can be very useful for finding lost crafts.
    • Onboard 5V BEC, powering different accessories such as FC, VTX, Camera and LED lights and etc.


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