BrainFPV RADIX F4 Flight Controller

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BrainFPV RADIX F4 Flight Controller + gOSD (Custom Graphical OSD, Baro, Stackable, Betaflight)

Not sure if this is the right FC for you? Hear it from Joshua Bardwell first and you can decide later. TLDW; it's unique, it's awesome, get one

The nerds over at BrainFPV are proud to introduce RADIX, the smartest, most innovative line of drone electronics BrainFPV has ever developed. These over acheivers engineer, design, test, flash, bag, and label ever single board themselves, all right here in the USA.

The RADIX flight controller has an integrated graphical OSD that you can add your own logos to, and has features like a built-in barometer, a microSD card slot for logging, a sexy form factor, vibration isolation, and also a camera control pad. If you like separate ESCs, you can stack it on the RADIX power board (pb), which can handle ridiculous amounts of power (up to 8S and 160A!) and even has integrated programmable LEDs! Or if you are into more compact and lightweight racing builds, you can stack the RADIX fc onto a 4-in-1 ESC! Naturally, we've included all the cables needed for a hassle free plug-and-play experience! Boom, now go fly your heart out.

Why would you choose BrainFPV Radix over other F4 flight controllers?

To quote the word of Jenni Minas from BrainFPV: "The RADIX is different than any other flight controllers because it uses different hardware, like the Bosch gyro as well as the way we run the gOSD (graphical OSD).

We use our own fork of betaflight because we use a RTOS, and the OSD is different, etc. The RADIX was designed by Martin, who has a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and knows what he is doing.

We are the ONLY company that designs our own FCs ourselves and we also flash, test, package, label, each FC ourselves before they get sent out. As a company, BrainFPV pride ourselves on the support and engagement we have with our customers. We love hearing your feedback, even if it is negative, as that is how we make better products - by listening and engaging with you guys.

We have written step-by-step build manuals to help you build your perfect quad (, and since we actually designed the board, and test them all ourselves, we can actually help you with troubleshooting."


RADIX FC Features

  • Best setup manual ever made - step by step guys! Human error prevented. BOOOM
  • SEXY form factor for easier soldering of PDB / 4-in-1 ESC underneath RADIX FC
  • Plug-and-play stacking on RADIX PB or Hobbywing 4-in-1  as well as the TBS Crossfire Nano RX
  •  Connects to the PB and 4in1 ESC using soft cables for vibration isolation
  • Graphical OSD - STILL the only flight controller running BF with this feature
  • Customizable OSD logos using the BrainFPV Logo Customizer
  • STM32 F4 processor running at 180MHz
  • Better sensors - Bosch BMI160 gyro, proven on RE1 (pilots are raving about it)
  • Integrated barometer - so you always know how high you are 
  • MicroSD card slot for logging
  • Integrated silicone grommets for vibration isolation
  • Dedicated camera control pad for changing camera settings
  • Dedicated RGB LED output for programmable LEDs
  • Four full hardware serial ports (UARTs) - two of them have signal inverters that are automatically enabled or disabled, so they can be used with S.Bus or SmartPort
  • 6 motor outputs with support for DHSOT (150/300/600/1200) and OneShot
  • Supports Betaflight
  • Engineered and tested and flashed and bagged and labelled by Jenni + Martin in Portland, Oregon USA


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