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SHIPPING NOTICE: We will be away between Feb 16-Mar 3 inclusive. Shipping resumes Mar 4. CLICK HERE for offer!
SHIPPING NOTICE: We will be away between Feb 16-Mar 3 inclusive. Shipping resumes Mar 4. CLICK HERE for offer!

Armattan Marmotte 5 Inch Frame Kit

USD $109.00

Marmotte For Serious Flyers

The newest Armattan Freestyle Frame – the Marmotte, offers a unique advantage over previous models. You’ll find a completely redesigned front end, a bigger deck, adjustable cam tilt, and a stronger tail post. Plus, the Marmotte is the lightest freestyle 5-inch frame to date that is made of heavy-duty space grade materials. If you’re looking for an optimal quadcopter frame for easy drone building, this is the best one on the market!

Light And Durable Space Grade Carbon

The Marmotte frame features the best carbon found on any quad.  Made of American “Space Grade” carbon fiber that’s used in US space programs, this rig can take some serious punishment and still maintain its shape. In fact, it’s a lighter, stiffer, and stronger frame that’s designed to provide superior protection and flying capabilities.

Tough Unibody Frame

This unibody frame ensures that when you crash, the force is dispersed throughout the frame instead of in one spot. This improvement drastically reduces overall stress and breakage.

Incredibly Strong Titanium Cage

The camera is in a titanium protective cage to give the quad quality protection. You’ll never have to worry about a broken camera, even with direct obstacle impact. Plus, we’ve made the front cage much thinner so you can slice through the air and fly faster.

Adjustable Cam Tilt

With a front-end adjustable HD cam, you can finally position your GoPro and camera at the same angle. The stabilization standoff has also been lowered so that you can experience minimal tilt. It also comes equipped with durable aluminum camera savers that provide extra give to prevent cracking while saving your camera in a crash.  

More Battery Space

You won’t have to worry about the battery hanging off the back with the Marmotte. This quad frame has a much longer frame than other models. This allows you to keep it contained and even run bigger batteries for extra flight time.

Spacious Layout for Electronics

You also will get a lot of space for your receivers, video transmitters, and all your other electronics. The Marmotte has a max stack height of 20mm and can fit a prop size of up to 5.5inches. The Marmotte also comes with mounting holes so that you can mount both 30x30 and 20x20 stack for the perfect fit.

Superior Mounts

We know how important it is to have the right type of mounts on your quad, and that’s why we’ve created superior ones. You’ll find a completely Insulated SMA Mount, an improved TBS Mount at the back with dedicated plates, and rubber moulded FPV Antenna Mounts.

Easy To Work With

We designed the Marmotte to be easy to work on. You’ll never have to cut the carbon fiber to get a bolt out. A screwdriver will fit nice and easy so that you don’t have to stress to get the bolts out.

Life Time Warranty

It’s also warrantied for life against breakage, no questions asked? You know it’s the best frame possible when it comes with a warranty like this!

Armattan consistently innovates, and the Marmotte demonstrates just that. Whether you’re a new pilot or have been flying for a long time and need a new freestyle rig, this is it!

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Frame Weight approx 115 grams
Motor to Motor 236mm
Frame Shape Compressed X 
Main Plate Thickness 4mm


Steel Bolts
Titanium Cage
Aluminum Standoffs                 
 Motor Mount Pattern 22xx
FC Stack Mount

20mm and 30.5mm compatible

FPV Camera Mount Mini-camera (21mm)
FPV Antenna Mounts TBS, SMA and U.FL compatible
Max Stack Height 20mm 
Warrantied Parts All
Recommended Components
Motor Size 2306
ESCs 30a
Prop Size Up to 5.5"
LiPo 4-5S/1500mAh


  • Titanium:
    • 2x Camera-cage braces
    • 2x Camera-cage anchors
  • Hardware:
    • 10x 4mm M3 iron bolts
    • 14x 6mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
    • 8x 8mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
    • 4x 16mm M3 iron bolts 
    • 6x M2 2.5mm cuphead iron bolts
    • 3x sunknuts
  • Aluminum:
    • 1x 23mm front standoff
    • 2x tail posts
    • 2x camera savers
  • Nylon:
    • 4x 6mm M3 standoffs
    • 4x nuts
    • 2x M6 nylon washers
  • Carbon Fiber:
    • 1x 2mm Top (LiPo) plate 
    • 1x 1.5mm HD Cam plate
    • 1x 4mm Main plate
    • 2x Antenna mount plates (TBS and SMA)
  • Other:
    • 1x Lipo strap
    • 1x LiPo foam pad
    • 1x HD camera foam pad
    • 4x Dog-bone landing pads
    • 1x Antenna mount
    • 1x SMA grommet 
    • 1x Diamond coated steel file



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