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AirBlade Dragonfly Frame Kit

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Prop Guards

Design goals

AirBlade Dragonfly is a light versatile design that allows you to fly indoor or rip outside. The optional prop guard means you can safely fly around objects and people. The primary focus of this design is to create a light build that can run 65mm. This is similar to the Kabab FPV Toothpick frame. 

A problem we see with a lot of indoor micro quadcopters nowadays is that they use enclosed duct around the props. Most if not all of these designs, while offer protection, compromise the flight characteristics of the drones. The ducts hinders airflow and create all sorts of handling issues like prop wash, washout etc. Also majority of these ducts are limited to 1.9 inch or 2 inch props max. 

After searching high and low, we found a off-the-shelf prop guard design from a drone company called Uvify that allows for larger props (up to 65mm) and has very little effect on the airflow. Once we found this, the creative process started and shortly after, we came up with AirBlade Dragonfly. 

Design Features

  • Dragonfly can take up to 65mm prop even with the guard on (however close). We would recommend using 2.5 inch props like the RotorX 2535 or Gemfan Flash 2540 with guard, and your favourite 65mm prop without guard.
  • Dragonfly has optional guard that you can take on and off depending on usage without even having to remove the motors
    • The guard was designed for a different drone by Uvify and therefore we had to design a 3D printed adapter to make it work with our Dragonfly frame. However this is a blessing in disguise because it allows us to quickly remove the prop guards without having to uninstall the motors
  • Versatile design that accepts 16x16, 20x20 and 26x26 flight stack 
  • 3D printed camera mount to accept nano FPV camera

Parts Recommendation

We're envisioning a light build using the following parts


  • Supports 16x16, 20x20m and 26x26 Flight controller mounting holes
  • Supports mounting holes for 1103 brushless motors (4 holes 9mm spacing)
  • Supports up to 65mm props. 
  • Uses hooks and elastic bands (not included) to mount batteries. This allows you to use battery of any size and shape
  • Frame thickness: 2mm (bottom plate) and 1mm (top plate)
  • Frame weight: 10g (no hardware)
  • Optional Prop Guard: 7g
  • Our target dry weight (before battery) is
    • 53g without prop guard
    • 60g with prop guards


  • 1x Bottom plate (2mm)
  • 1x Top Plate (1mm)
  • 1x 3D printed nano camera mount
  • 1x Frame mounting hardware pack only 


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