AirBlade's Affiliate Program

Earn up to 10% commission on all products! 


Help build AirBlade UAV into one of the best FPV destinations in this industry and earn up to 10% commission in just a few simple steps: 

  1. Register for our AirBlade's Affiliate Program
  2. Create content and drive customers to our website 
  3. Earn up to 10% commission on each successful sale you refer


Our commission structure is designed with a few goals in mind

  1. Reward affiliates more as they refer more sales
  2. Help retain more customers. That means affiliates get commission even with returning customers
  3. Simple to calculate 
  4. Unlimited earning potential


 Tier Name Sales Target Commission Level
Follower $5,000 5%
Advocate $10,000 7.5%
Die-hard Fan $10,000+ 10%



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