About Us


My name is Nguyen Tran, founder and Chief Design Officer at AirBlade UAV. AirBlade UAV is a Vancouver-based business that focuses on designing and selling high quality micro multirotor airframes and electronics. AirBlade UAV's products are geared toward FPV and FPV racing communities.

Together with my loving and supportive girlfriend, I started AirBlade UAV in July 2015 with the aim of seeing my own designs on the market. I am also part of the co-founding team at RotorX Racing, the awesome guys that pioneered the micro drone racing scene starting with Raiju RX155 and Atom RX122. The skills and expertise developed at RotorX Racing have helped me tremendously in getting AirBlade UAV off the ground. 

Please follow AirBlade UAV on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates. Any inquiries regarding reselling opportunities and product info should be sent to support@airbladeuav.com. 

Thank you all for your support! 

AirBlade UAV / Nguyen Tran