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Ultralight Micro Drones


Why Purchase a Toothpick Micro Drone?

Weighing under 60g without a battery, these micro drones are not only compact, but they’re ultra-light as well. Some even have a dry weight in the 30g range. You might worry that the weight will impact performance but that’s far from the truth.  Don’t let these lightweight micro drones fool you, they use powerful brushless motors to provide you with impressive performance and flight times. Even though the motors are small, the ultra-light weight of the frame and parts make up for it. These drones really can rip through the sky at rapid speeds.

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The toothpick micro drone has also been rapidly evolving. Today’s models are more powerful, faster and offer even better handling than ever before. You can make precise moves, nail backflips in seconds, and quickly punch it even in high winds. You also don’t have to worry about breaking it if you miss a move, the crash impacts are minor thanks to its lightweight design. You can just pick it up and get back to your high-speed FPV freestyling or FPV racing.

If you’re just starting out, the toothpick micro drone is a good option. It’s much easier on the wallet compared to 5” racing drones, and it’s not too difficult to build out. For around $150 you can get a whole package, including the battery and all the parts. Speaking of building out, the toothpick micro drone is also very fun to build. Experienced flyers will enjoy swapping out parts and adding all the latest tech that’s being added to the market and our store.

What We Have in Store for You

When you shop at AirBlade UAV you’ll only find the newest tech and highest quality toothpick microdrone equipment available on the market today! We don’t mess around, all of the products on our website have been tested exclusively by our team of experienced flyers. This ensures we only carry products that we personally use and would recommend. If we stock it, we stand behind it. 
We have everything you need right here to build out your fastest flyer yet. In our collection, you’ll find ultra-light toothpick frames like the AirBlade Intrepid Mini, AirBlade EX, Lil Duece and TBS Source Micro, as well as brushless motors in 1S-4S and up to 10,000 kV, AIO flight controllers customized for toothpick micro drones, FPV cameras, powerful Lipos, 2.5 inch to 65mm props, and all the other parts required for the ultimate performance. We also carry a number of hard to find accessories like micro battery anti-slip pads, propeller ducts, and cool PicklePod canopy designs that are guaranteed to enhance the overall experience and speed whether you’re freestyling or racing.

Experienced flyers who only want the best know to shop here. We have the largest selection of new products compared to anywhere else. We restock so often that you’ll always have the latest equipment as soon as it hits the market. Our toothpick microdrone products also come from the most popular brands – GNB, RunCam, HQProp, BetaFPV, and AirBlade UAV to name a few. Plus, our prices can’t be beat. With every purchase, you’ll receive the lowest rates accompanied by fast and affordable shipping. We even offer free shipping to qualified US orders over US$100 and Canadian orders over US$250. And that’s not all! Our customer service is responsive and reliable. If you’re not sure whether you’re purchasing the right part, don’t hesitate to get in touch for free advice!

Check out our latest selection of toothpick micro drone products or scroll down to find everything you need to start building your smallest and lightest drones yet.

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