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In the world of FPV antenna, there are many brands producing seemingly similar antennas like TrueRC, TBS, RushFPV, Foxeer, VAS etc. But not all FPV antennas are created equal, on the outside they may look similar, but a high-quality antenna is a carefully-crafted design that undergoes strict manufacturing processes. The choice of material, the tolerance of the dimensions etc, they all play into how sensitive the signal reception is and how wide the coverage is. One of the brands, if not the brand that everyone trusts wholeheartedly for their top notch quality and service is TrueRC. 

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TrueRC is a leading Canadian antenna designer and manufacturer whose wealth of experience and knowledge has benefited the FPV community tremendously. TrueRC’s reputation goes beyond the FPV market, they also design and manufacture antennas for other industries such as the military, security and information technology. 

A high quality FPV antenna makes a huge difference in terms of signal reception and coverage. As you get more comfortable with the FPV gear you run or the environment you fly in, it is natural that you want to start pushing the boundaries, perhaps go a little further, perhaps fly a little higher, or behind more obstacles. But before cranking up the power level on your VTX, or buy another VTX with higher power output, try upgrading your FPV antenna first. Look no further than TrueRC antennas. 

AirBlade UAV carries a wide range of popular TrueRC antennas such as the OCP, Singularity or Axii. These antennas come in various connector types like SMA, uFL, MMCX, rotation as well as length to fit your specific application. 

When shopping at AirBlade UAV, you can be sure to receive your products fast! We offer affordable shipping via USPS and Canada Post for our customers in North America. If you are in a hurry, make sure to check out our express shipping options via DHL. We also offer complimentary free shipping for US orders over USD100 and Canada orders over USD250. 

  • TrueRC True-MoX 915 TrueRC
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    TrueRC True-MoX 915

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      TrueRC True-MoX 915 Antenna The True-MoX 915 is our revision of the moxon using latest 3D electromagnetic simulation tools and RF rated PCB mater...

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    USD $19.99