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Radio Transmitter & Receivers

When you’re serious about flying FPV Drones, you need the best radio transmitter and receiver on the market. An FPV drone radio transmitter sends the commands clearly to the receiver and our receivers convert the signal into actions to precisely move your drone. The result is a smooth flight, just as you intended it to be. Find higher-tier electrical components that will make your hobby a much more enjoyable experience, right here at AirBlade UAV.

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We Make the Choice Easy

With so many product options on the market, it’s hard to know exactly which one is best for your drone’s make and model. That’s why we only sell a selection of the most popular and respected protocols on the market from brands like Team BlackSheep and FrSky. This makes it incredibly easy for you to find a radio transmitter and receiver that will provide a long-term investment on your purchase. Each pick here has a number of exciting features and options that will excite even the most experienced flyers.

Newest Tech

If you want more performance, you need the newest tech. And if you’ve been looking for the latest models available that offer record low latency, haptic vibration feedback systems, voice alerts, sensor gimbals, full telemetry capability, MicroSD slots, and 32 channel support, we can deliver. We offer a selection of FPV drone radio transmitters and receivers with all the newest features and racing tech for precision flying and filming.

Best Prices

Whether you’re an experienced flyer looking for gaming styled controllers and maximum radio features, or if you’re a beginner just learning the ropes and need a reliable remote that’s easy to navigate and to use with your DRL Flight Simulator, we have a model that can suit your budget. Getting high-quality gear at the best prices is not always easy to find. AirBlade UAV wants to change that. Not only do we offer the lowest prices around, but we also have a price match guarantee in North America. When you shop with us, you’ll always get the highest quality drone tech at the best prices, guaranteed.

When you want a radio transmitter that offers exceptional controlling, expandable memory storage, and a range of features, browse our selection here of top-performing options. You’ll also receive fast shipping and free delivery on orders over US$100 in the US and US$250 in Canada.