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Team BlackSheep TBS Mambo 2.4Ghz Tracer Radio Controller

USD $139.99

TBS Mambo 2.4Ghz Tracer Radio Controller



The TBS Tango 2 is a huge success, Team Black Sheep delivered exactly what the customers asked of a long range radio: low latency, long range capability, built-in Crossfire, ergonomic design and so much more. But TBS didn't stop there, the new TBS Mambo follows in the footsteps of the Tango 2, but sets a new and different focus: larger screen, traditional form factor with switches and potentiometers, JR module bay, replaceable batteries and trim buttons! 


    Team BlackSheep has redefined the portable remote control with the TBS Tango 2. Now we're back with one of the most popular requests: a compact full-size remote! The TBS Mambo follows in the footsteps, but focuses on all of the things the Tango 2 tries not to have: a larger screen, traditional form factor with switches and potentiometers, JR module bay, replaceable batteries and trim buttons!

    But do not fear: we haven't made a cookie-cutter remote! With the built-in antenna (external antenna available as optional add-on), the 2-position and momentary gamepad buttons, and TBS Tracer built-in, we've accomplished a few "firsts" that put this radio into a class on its own! 


    The first radio with TBS Tracer built in. And it fits your existing TBS Crossfire module through the JR bay! TBS Tracer is the world's lowest latency radio link, and builds upon the rock-solid reputation of the TBS Crossfire code base. With the continued development and expansion of the TBS ecosystem, pilots will remain on the bleeding edge of capabilities paired with the ease of use and overall robustness that TBS products are known for.

    • 1.6ms end to end latency
    • 250Hz refresh rate
    • Long range capable
    • High telemetry throughput for Mavlink and long range missions
    • TBS Cloud connectivity

    Having the world's lowest latency protocol, Tracer, built-in, TBS Mambo is a great compact full-size radio for FPV pilots focusing on racing and freestyle. For those who want to use TBS Crossfire protocol for mid range and long range FPV, the JR module bay is a great feature. 


    • TBS Tracer built-in
      • CRSF V3 protocol support for lowest latency and most direct response of any remote control available
      • Range of up to 25km / 15mi
      • Built-in antenna for ultimate ruggedness
      • External antenna available as add-on
    • Full size, ball bearing hall sensor gimbals
      • Configurable resistance and tension
      • Adjustable throttle & pitch throw (+/- 10 degrees)
      • Spare spring set included for lower tension
    • Ergonomic shell design with grippy rubber edges
      • 4x 3-position switches
      • 2x potentiometer with center notch
      • 1x 2-position switches
      • 1x momentary button
      • 4x digital trim buttons
    • Perfectly balanced lanyard mount
    • Up to 12 channels supported
    • Parallel 18650 x 2 (not included!) with USB-C 2A charging (2.5 hours for full charge)
    • Speech audio output with audio jack & haptic vibration alert
    • Open Source remote control operating system (FreedomTX, temporary fork of OpenTX)
    • Rocker dial and 3 button menu for super simple navigation
    • High resolution (128*64) black & white LCD screen w/ backlight
    • 100+ model memory with included SD-card
    • TBS Cloud compatible


    • Weight: 565g
    • Battery: 2 x 18650 
    • Audio: 1W speaker & 3.5mm headphone jack
    • Display: 3.5” LCD panel (128 x 64)
    • Antenna: Embedded antenna
    • Switches: 4 x 3pos | 1 x 2pos | 1 x Momentary
    • USB-C Port: Battery charging (5V, 1A), Firmware upgrades & Simulator / HID


    • 1 x TBS Mambo remote control
    • 1 x Springs Set (Lower Tension)
    • 2 x Throttle limitation screws (with allen key)



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