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Team Black Sheep TBS Tracer 2.4Ghz

The new Tracer 2.4Ghz System is the little brother to Team Black Sheep Crossfire system. As usual, TBS focused on what matters to pilots: low latency, range, features and ease of use. 

This radical innovation is possible due to technology not used in any other radio system. The TBS Tracer sports 250hz/3ms latency including telemetry and have a range of up to 25km with the diversity receiver.

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Tracer runs on the same Crossfire ecosystem so you can enjoy the same benefits such as OTA updates, LUA & TBS Cloud, auto-bind and multi-bind. It is all possible because the Tracer system runs on Crossfire and CSFR engine, with a new 2.4Ghz twist.

Furthermore, you can use the TBS Tracer with any existing radio on the market, as long as they have a module bay. The TBS Tracer is available in Micro and Nano TX form to fit popular radios such as FrSky Taranis X9D, RadioMaster TX16S, TBS Tango 2 and even Spektrum radios.

If you're looking for an integrated system similar to the TBS Tango 2, look no further, TBS Tracer protocol now comes native with the TBS Mambo 2.4ghz Radio Controller. The Team BlackSheep Mambo, or ETHIX Mambo was designed to be a compact full-sized radio controller for beginner FPV pilots. More than the built-in TBS Tracer, TBS Mambo radio controllers also come with a module bay so you can upgrade to TBS Crossfire system when you're ready.

If you're a racing pilots, this TBS Tracer system is for you!