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RushFPV is a new kid on the block when it comes to FPV equipment but they have quickly built an incredible reputation. Rush Tank Series or Cherry Antenna are two of the many FPV products that people love from RushFPV. Check out our collection of RushFPV products to learn more.

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Developing the right products the right way: RushFPV approached product development very differently from other FPV companies. Instead of releasing sub-par products at dirt cheap prices hoping to gain market share, RushFPV is releasing high quality premium products at affordable prices! How much of a high quality premium of a product you ask? Take for example, the Rush Tank VTX series, it licenses the Smart Audio technology from Team Black Sheep instead of trying to reverse engineer it. What about the Cherry antenna? The antenna is designed by none other than TrueRC, and manufactured by Lumenier, a deadly combo! 

Packed with features: Rush Tank VTX series is packed with features like the Smart Audio from Team BlackSheep, variable output up to 800mW for crystal clear video, Power LUT, Lock-on technology, Pit mode and more. And did we mention, their products won't break your bank? 

Advice when you need it: New to the hobby and not sure what to get? Or are you an experienced pilot looking for the best equipment for your drones? We can give you the advice you need to help make your purchase decision more pleasant. Just reach out to our team either via email or on Facebook Messenger and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Fast and Affordable Shipping: When shopping with AirBlade UAV, you can be sure to receive your orders quickly. We offer fast and affordable shipping via USPS, Canada Post and DHL. We also offer complimentary free shipping for US orders over USD100 and Canada orders over USD250 so be sure to take advantage of that!