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Racer X FPV Twig Series

Why Purchase a Toothpick Twig Series Frame?

The Twig series from Racer X FPV stemmed from the Toothpick movement but it took a different direction. Instead of designing the frames to be the lightest or skinniest, Racer X FPV designed the frames so that they are light but still durable. 

Racer X FPV partners with BetaFPV to manufacture the Twig series to the highest standard. The material used is high grade T700 carbon fibre, cut along the weave and chamfered on both interior and exterior edges. This gives the frames a nice, clean and smooth look. 

The 3D printed canopy was designed from the ground up and is being produced by Phoenix3D. The canopy is printed in flexible TPU material to ensure both protection as well as durability. 

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The Twig series comes in various sizes: Twig XL fits 3 inch props, Twig Mutant 4 can accommodate up to 4 inch props and Twig ET5 fits up to 5 inch props. The designs of these frames is well thought out to ensure they fit a wide variety of components such as 26x26 Whoop AIO board, 20x20 flight stacks, 1404 motors, 1606 motors and bigger. 

At Airblade UAV we care about the quality of the products we offer and the experience you receive when shopping with us. That’s why each item we sell has undergone quality assurance testing by our experienced flyers to ensure they meet the industry standards. So if you see it in our store, you can rest assured that it’s a part that we’d buy for our own flyer.

Airblade UAV is the leading source of freestyle and free-ranger drone frames in North America. Browse through our selection below to find everything you need to fix your current drones or build out a brand new one.

All online orders will receive fast and affordable shipping, including free shipping on orders over US$100 to US locations and over US$250 to Canadian addresses. Not sure if you’re buying the right sized frame for your accessories? Contact our support team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!


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