Brushless Motors

We have a large selection of brushless motors of all sizes and kV ratings to meet all your needs.

  • Building a micro 3 inch mid range/long range FPV micro quad? Check out our 1404 motors. For example: AirBlade Superman 1404
  • Building a powerful 3 inch racing drone? Check out our 1407 motor and 1408 motor offerings. For example: BrotherHobby 1407 and EMAX 1408
  • How about some 5 inch mini quads or 7 inch long range FPV quad? We have 2306 motors, 2207 motors, 2407 to 2507 motors. For example: EMAX ECO 2207, BrotherHobby Avenger 2507, ETHIX Konasty Moon Boot 2407
  • EMAX RS 1306 V2 Brushless Motor 2700kV/4000kV Emax
    USD $10.99

    EMAX RS 1306 V2 Brushless Motor 2700kV/4000kV

      EMAX RS 1306B V2 Brushless Motor    NEW for 2018.   EMAX would like to introduce a new line of RS1306 motor. Redesigned from the ground up to hav...

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    USD $10.99