AirBlade Eclair 3K Carbon Fiber Frame Kit V2

USD $24.99


  • Wheelbase: 129mm (2.5") or 115mm (2")
  • Thickness: 2mm side and 2.5mm bottom plates
  • Compatible with 1103-1106 motors 
  • Support 20x20 Flight controller stack.
  • Weight (without hardware): 18.35g (2.5") and 17.31g (2")
  • Prop size: 2.5" max



  • 1 x Bottom Plate (2.5mm)
  • 2 x Side Plate (2mm)
  • 1 x Pack of hardware 


Suggested PIDs and Settings: 

These PIDs are for Eclair V2 2.5" Running 1104 7500kV with dual blade RotorX 2535 on 2S and 3S

 ESC BLHeli_S DShot600


Retro Tune

Recommended parts:

Motors: RotorX 1105B 6500kvAirBlade AB1105 7500kVAirBlade AB1105 10000kV, BrotherHobby R3 1106 4500kV, RotorX RX1107 7600kV

VTX: VTX03 Switchable Output 25-50-200mW VTX

Camera: Runcam Micro Swift 2

Flight controller:  HGLRC F428-TX20 V2, HGLRC Zeus TX 20Lumenier Micro Lux F4 V2, RaceFlight Millivolt Flight Controller, Omnibus F3 Nano V2

ESC: Cicada 4-in-1 25A, Wave 4-in-1 10A, Wave 4-in-1 18A, Ori 4-in-1 25A

Receiver: FrSky XMFrSky XM+Furious LR1000FrSky Compatible FD800Lemon Satellite

Props: RotorX RX2535Gemfan 2035 Quadblade, Gemfan Hulkie 2040, Gemfan 1940Gemfan Flash 2540

Batteries: 500mah 2S Tattu 450mah 3S, AirBlade Basic 600mAh 3S 75C, AirBlade Premium 460mah 3S 75C, AirBlade Premium 460mah 4S 75C



Shipping Weight: 100g