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FPV Drone Frames and Kits

 When building your own drone, the frame should be your most important consideration. It’s what houses and holds everything together and protects the inside components. Choosing the wrong frame can affect the overall performance of the drone, dragging and slowing it down.

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With so many FPV frames available today, it can be challenging to find the best one on the market to suit your flying needs. That’s why we only sell the highest quality frames that are tested by experienced pilots to our customers. Whether you need a big frame to accommodate larger, more powerful motors to race your FPV, or if you’re looking for a smaller, heavy-duty frame that will easily cut through the air when you’re freestyling, we have a large range of frame sizes, styles, and shapes in stock. At AirBlade UAV, you’ll find only the most advanced frames on the market from leading designers AirBlade UAV, iFlight, Diatone, Armattan, Catalyst Machineworks, and more.

Countless Sizes to Choose From

When it comes to the frame, size matters. The size of the frame will determine the size of the components you can use with it such as the propeller and motor. The bigger the frame, the bigger and more powerful your flyer will be. But not everyone is after power, which is why we also offer micro frames. In fact, we offer a massive selection of carbon fibre frame sizes from 2.5-inch drones, 3-inch drones, Toothpick drones, 5-inch racing to 7-inch long-range frames and everything in between. Regardless of the size, we only sell durable, heavy-duty frames that won’t break easily. Our frames also vary in weights and construction which will appease experienced builders and pilots.

 Various Layouts to Suit Your Needs

 To get the best speed and acceleration, you need the right frame layout for all your components. We stock a number of popular frame layouts to choose from. If you need a spacious H frame to mount extra components, an X frame that is highly aerodynamic, or even a Stretch frame that keeps the propellers from blocking your camera’s field of view, you’ll find it here. You also have the choice between unibody and separate arm model frames depending on your fly style.

One-Stop-Shop for Kits and Components

At AirBlade UAV we aim to be your one-stop-shop retailer for all your FPV needs. That’s why we also offer frame kits, accessory sets, separate arms and braces, mounts, camera bars, and other replacement parts in our online store. Shop quickly and easily for everything you need to build out or repair your flyer so you can get it back in the air.

Whether you’re a novice doing your first build or an expert tweaking your set up, we have the size, styles, and brands you’re looking for. AirBlade UAV also stocks award-winning products so that you can stay ahead of the curve when racing or flying long distances. Browse through what we have in store and get fast, free shipping when you order.