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6 Inch & 7 Inch Drone Frames


As your FPV journey progresses, at one point you will want to start exploring outside your comfort zone, like surfing the ocean, diving the mountain and getting cinematic shots. While you can definitely do all of that with your existing 5 inch mini drones, most people look to bigger frames like a 6 inch and 7 inch frame for the job. 

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Why a 6 inch or 7 inch FPV drone frame?

There are several reasons why you will want to build a 7 inch Long Range FPV drone. When you send your drone up the mountain or out in the sea to capture those stunning cinematic shots, you want your drone to be able to cover a lot of distance. That means bigger motors or bigger batteries or both. The bigger and heavier FPV drones also mean more stability in the air, reducing vibrations and shakes caused by strong winds, producing better HD footage. 

The bigger frame size gives you more real estate to equip it with proper gear. That includes stand alone buzzer, GPS for return-to-home function and of course, your HD camera. 

Popular Product Choices

AirBlade UAV is one of the leading innovators in the 7 inch Long Range FPV segment. We offer popular 7 inch frames cut with high quality and durable carbon fiber. For example, one of our popular models is the open source design, FR7, designed in the US and manufactured in Canada. It has been enjoyed by hundreds of avid pilots which means you can always find the support you need. Another popular model is our in-house design, AirBlade Transformer, used by several professional drone videographers for commercial filming. 

Fast and Affordable Shipping

When shopping at AirBlade UAV, you can be sure to receive your products fast! We offer affordable shipping via USPS and Canada Post for our customers in North America. If you are in a hurry, make sure to check out our expedited shipping options via DHL. We also offer complimentary free shipping for US orders over USD100 and Canada orders over USD250. 

  • FR7 7 Inch Long Range Frame - 3D Printed Accessories Set AirBlade UAV

    FR7 7 Inch Long Range Frame V5 - 3D Printed Accessories Set

    USD $30.00

     FR7 7 Inch Long Range V5 - 3D Printed Accessories Set We are now shipping 3D printed kit for FR7 V5. NOW COMPATIBLE WITH DJI CAMERA. Pictures (V4)...

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    USD $30.00
  • HD Canopy for TWIG MEGABAT 7 RacerXFPV
    Sold out

    HD Canopy for TWIG MEGABAT 7

    USD $12.99

    HD Canopy for TWIG MEGABAT 7 This is the HD canopy that lets you use Caddx Vista HD/FPV camera on your Twig MEGABAT 7   Includes 1x 3D Printed HD ...

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    USD $12.99