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4 Inch and 5 Inch Prop Drone Frames

Are you looking for the perfect balance between size and power? What you need is a 4 or 5 inch prop drone frame. These mid-sized frames can accommodate larger props and provide you with more thrust and power. You’ll be sweeping through the air, flying at higher speeds and mastering those challenging maneuvers just like the pros.

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To find everything you need to build out your first flyer or upgrade your existing one to make it faster and more agile, simply browse our latest selection today. We offer the highest quality frames and starter kits at unbeatable prices. As avid drone users, we only offer products from the best brands on the market. Here you’ll find the TBS Source One V3 kit, the 5-inch Hyperlite Floss 3.0 race frame, the 4-inch AirBlade Intrepid V2 3K carbon fiber frame kit, and much more.

No matter how experienced you are, eventually it’s inevitable that you’re going to crash your drone at some point. Fortunately, our online store offers a range of replacement parts that you can swap out for anything that gets damaged in a crash. Each part below is made with heavy duty materials designed to withstand some serious abuse. And they’re designed to perfectly match the brand and model of your drone, making it incredibly easy to install even if you’ve never repaired a drone on your own before.

At Airblade UAV we care about the quality of the products we offer and the experience you receive when shopping with us. That’s why each item we sell has undergone quality assurance testing by our experienced flyers to ensure they meet the industry standards. So if you see it in our store, you can rest assured that it’s a part that we’d buy for our own flyer.

Airblade UAV is the leading source of freestyle, racing and long range FPV drone frames in North America. Browse through our selection below to find everything you need to fix your current flyer or build out a brand new one.

All online orders will receive fast and affordable shipping, including free shipping on orders over US$100 to US locations and over US$250 to Canadian addresses. Not sure if you’re buying the right sized frame for your accessories? Contact our support team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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