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2 Inch and 2.5 Inch Prop Drone Frames

On the hunt for a durable, lightweight 2-inch or 2.5-inch quadcopter frame to build out a sub 250g drone? We have everything you need to ensure that you’re complying with the specified drone regulations within your country. Whether you’re looking for a toothpick micro drone style or regular X frame, we carry it all to make it easy for our customers to find all they need to create the fastest flyer in one convenient spot.

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 These tiny prop drone frames let you rip at top speeds outside and move around easily inside. Though they may be small in size, these frames are mighty in design. You’ll get faster speeds, more efficient flying, and some serious durability. Although stronger frames are typically heavier, these light frames are quite strong for their size. The crash impact is also much lighter, making it hard for them to break. Even when a crash is inevitable, replacing the parts is simple and very affordable.

Browse through our collection today for the latest in electronics, easy to build frame kits, inexpensive frame kits with 3D printed canopies for ultimate protection, and skinny toothpick style frames. When you shop at AirBlade UAV, you’ll also find the lowest prices anywhere else for the most advanced mini drones in the industry. That means you can enjoy massive savings on top-rated products like the AirBlade EX, the AirBlade Intrepid Mini, and many more. You’ll also find the best selection of 2 inch and 2.5 inch quadcopter frames and parts right here.

At AirBlade UAV, we have a responsive and reliable support team to help answer any of your questions and address any concerns. Get fast and affordable shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada. Free shipping is available for orders over $100 heading to the US and $250 heading to Canada. We are constantly updating our inventory to offer customers the very latest and best gear, so be sure to check back frequently!