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FPV Drone Radio Controller

As most people have found out during their FPV journey, there are two things a drone pilot does not want to skimp on: video link and radio link. A low-latency and interference-free video system allows you to enjoy the FPV experience to the fullest. On the other hand, a solid, low-latency, long range radio system ensures that you can control your drones reliably, even at a distance. 

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There are many different radio systems and makers on the market, each of them serves a specific purpose. If you’re freestyle or racing pilots and don’t care for the control range, a 2.4Ghz radio control system may be something you’re interested in, for example the TBS Tracer. Alternatively, if you’re into flying long range FPV, a long range control system using 900mhz frequency like the TBS Crossfire is a good choice. 

The TBS Crossfire system is a solid tried-and-true radio protocol that is used by countless FPV pilots, both recreational and professional. The TBS Tracer system builds on the same ecosystem of the TBS Crossfire, coupled with TBS’s focus on quality and future expandability,  it has the potential to be the best 2.4Ghz system on the market for FPV pilots. 

There’s no secret, here at AirBlade, we are strong supporters of TBS radio systems and controllers. Team BlackSheep innovated and changed the game of FPV drone radio controller market by their two products, the TBS Tango 2 and TBS Mambo (ETHIX Mambo). The TBS Tango 2 has built-in TBS Crossfire and TBS Mambo has built-in TBS Tracer. 

TBS Mambo is advertised as a starter radio for beginners who may not need the capability of the long range Crossfire system. However, the radio controller comes with a module bay so you can certainly upgrade to TBS Crossfire when you’re ready to. With the TBS Tracer system built-in, Mambo is also a good radio controller for racers who really want that low-latency, split-second control feel. On the other hand, TBS Tango 2 has a built-in Crossfire system which makes it more suitable for long range flying style, where penetration and range are the priorities to the pilots. 

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