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Hawkeye Raceband Mini 5.8ghz 200mW 32CH A/V Transmitter - 90 degree SMA

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The popular Hawkeye mini VTX now comes in Raceband Edition, which adds another band of 8 Raceband channels to the existing FatShark and Boscam bands. You can now race with more friends without compromising your video signals. 

Rated at 200mw but the HawkEye Mini's output has been measured at over 300mW!  It is small yet reliable. With the built-in flexible SMA extension coax, you won't ever have to worry about broken SMA heads! The direct attached extension coax allows for the most compact installation possible and tremendous installation flexibility. This is truly one of the best, if not the best VTX on the market right now. It works for both mini and micro size racing drones! 

Features and specifications

  • Wide input voltage DC 6-24V
  • Dimension: 21*20*8mm
  • Weight: 6g(without antenna)
  • 5v output supply for cameras
  • Power: 200mW
  • Interface: SMA male jack with buikhead mount option
  • PAL/NTSC supported
  • 32 channels covers four popular bands in the 5.8GHz frequency including the new Race Band, Fatshark/Immersion and Boscam: 
    5740-5860 MHz (band)
    5865-5725 MHz (A band)
    5705-5925 MHz (C band) 
    5658-5917 MHz (D band - RACE BAND)
  • Independent video, L and R stereo audio output signals


  • 1 x transmitting unit (TX) with built-in 10cm SMA extension
  • 1 x basic wires set


Shipping Weight: 30g

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