Long Range FPV Combo

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Long Range FPV Combo

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Looking for a good electronics combo for your brand new 7 inch long range FPV frame? Get our Long Range FPV Combo and SAVE 10% while you're at it. 

After speaking to many long range pilots, we put together a combo of FPV gears for your long range addicts. These components have been tested to provide the reliability and performance needed for those long range mission you're doing. 

BrainFPV Radix is undoubtedly the best flight controller in 2019 for long range FPV setups. The high quality construction and features set make it an ideal flight controller for this particular application. The Radix pairs directly and effortlessly with the Hobbywing XRotor 4in1 45A 6S ESC and make a really capable 6S-rated setup. 

We went with BrotherHobby Avenger 2507 because BH has one of the most premium and durable construction motors in the industry. The Avenger 2507 comes in a variety of speed to match your 4S, 5S and 6S setups. 

Let's not forget the safety features. We include the HellGate Buzzer and the HGLRC GPS unit for recovery measure. The HellGate buzzer is self-powered and will last up to 2 weeks without an external power source. The HGLRC GPS is a simple and cheap module that just does the job! 






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