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26x26 AIO Flight Controller/ Flight Stack

Flight controller technologies advanced incredibly fast over the last few years. We used to have 36x36 standalone flight controllers only capable of handling up to 4S power. Nowadays, you can easily build 5 inch FPV drones with a 26x26 AIO Flight controller that has integrated 6S ESC. That is incredible!  

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Not long ago, the only flight controller sizes available on the market were 20x20 and 30x30. Then came Whoop FPV drones. These Whoop drones are often very small, ranging between 65mm to 95mm in motor-to-motor distance. In order to reduce weight and fit the size constraints, manufacturers decided to turn the flight controller board 45 deg, increase the size to 26x26 and cram the ESC onto the Flight controller. Hence born the 26x26 AIO flight controllers. 

In the short span of 3 years, these controllers receive incremental upgrades, not only in terms of production quality but also technical capability. They used to be spec’ed for 6A 1S setups, and nowadays, some are even spec’ed 50A 6S. These 26x26 AIO Flight controllers are also known as Toothpick flight controllers owing its popularity to Toothpick setups by KababFPV.

You can use these AIO Toothpick Flight controllers in pretty much any setups nowadays, for example in micro long range FPV drones 4 inch or 5 inch, ultralight FPV racing drones 3 inch 4 inch and 5 inch and many more. 

We carry a wide range of 26x26 AIO Toothpick Flight controllers from various brands such as JHEMCU, Diatone, BetaFPV, iFLIGHT, and CLRacing. You will be able to find one that suits your need at AirBlade UAV.

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