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AirBlade Transformer Mini 4 Inch Long Range FPV

AirBlade Transformer Mini 4 Inch Micro Long Range FPV

#microlongrange is here!

Most of what you see on the FPV drone market are drones that are powerful and fast, but very little attention is paid to the type of drones that can fly longer and further. 

So the idea naturally came to us, what if we were to design a micro long range 4 inch FPV drone that are similar to a DJI Mavic Mini? Here are key features we want to incorporate in this design: 

  • Sub 250g. Amid the uncertain time that we are in, it is safe to say that small and light drones are still a favourable choice to many pilots, novice and seasoned alike. 
  • Long flight time. The DJI Mavic Mini is boasting 30 minutes flight time with Li-Ion battery. We will be aiming for 20 minutes flight time and, if possible, more. 
  • Capable of capturing HD footage 
  • Capable of doing mid range to long range flights

Given the features above, here is our thought process: 

  • The DJI Mavic Mini carries a 2400mAh 2S Li Ion weighing roughly 100g, which gives it 150g for the dry weight of the drone. Since we can definitely build a dry drone for about 120-130g, that leaves us 120-130g for battery. So we will be going for something like a 3500mah 2S Li Ion or 4200mah 2S Li Ion. 
  • Let's assume that we have 130g of dry weight to play with, that limits the motor choices to anything t-mount and smaller than 1407. That leaves us with 1306, 1404, 1303, 1204 motors. Generally, pancake style motors are more efficient so we decided to look at 1404 and smaller. 
  • Now because we only fly on 2S Li-Ion battery, which has an operating range of 5.5V-8.4V, we need to maximize thrust by changing the prop diameter as well as motor kV. The biggest motor in this case is 1404 which can safely handle 4 inch propeller. We will be testing the Superman 1404 4850kV but we think this setup can run up to 6500-7000kV on 2S without a huge penalty in current draw. 
  • The next step was to get some number to confirm our theory, so we contacted Ethan Bayer at Micro Motor Test Lab and have him tested our Superman 1404 4850kV with HQProp T-mount 4 Inch T4x2.5 and the numbers look quite promising. The 4850kV motor pulls about 3.5A to produce 120g of thrust on a static stand. We expect the current draw to be better in-flight. 

Superman 1404 4850kV Motor


So at this point, what we are building is a light 4 inch Micro Long Range FPV drone capable of HD. Leveraging on our existing line of frames, we will be using the Transformer as our base. The benefits of using a Transformer frame is that 

  • Double stack for better electronic layout 
  • Long body for battery space 
  • Dead-cat design for prop-free footage 

Here is the first stab at the design

AirBlade Transformer Mini 4 Inch

We sent out a couple frames to our test pilots and immediately started working on some minor revisions. 

AirBlade Transformer Mini 4 Inch Long Range FPV

UPDATE 1 (April 10 2020) 

The frame is being cut as we speak, we are hoping to get our first shipment around the third week of April. Also, we designed a holder for Immortal T antenna and GPS. The Immortal T antenna holder will be bolted on the top of the top plate with one of the standoff screws, while the GPS holder will be slide over the back standoffs.  

UPDATE 2 (Aug 13 2020): 

We made some minor changes to the camera cage to include mounting holes for Insta360 GO or Naked GoPro HD cam. We also added the 12mm mounting holes for motors in future production run. 

AirBlade Transformer Mini

AirBlade Transformer Mini


Stay tuned for more udpates!!

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MIke JOhnson - July 2, 2020

They FINALLY are back in stock. So I just ordered mine today!!!
I have been eagerly waiting for this thing to be in stock.. It took forever..

MIke JOhnson - May 26, 2020

I am so interested!! I may decide to use your Superman 1606 motors, or BetaFPV 1505 motors.. I haven’t made the final decision about it yet..

Brandon - Call Sign = Agent_0range - May 6, 2020

If you build this i would like to be one of the first to purchase and test this out. i own a mavic mini, mavic pro, and have 7 other FPV Racing drones i built or but as BnF. my fleet is pretty decent but this is nothing like anything i own or built or even have seen. A mini thats able to out perform DJI Mavic Mini, with powerful motors would be something im sure most pilots would love to have in their fleet. A mini 4" with powerful motors, HD footage, long range capabilities and flight times around 20 mins is a drone i would buy 2 or 3 of. please let me know if you do proceed with this. thank you. a drone like this is a game changer.

Gary - May 2, 2020


Takeo - April 9, 2020

Have you thought about GPS for recovery? Also how about Inav?

Hubbard - April 5, 2020

Just remember that orientation of antenna means a lot also . Up and down not side ta side. I luv small long range.

David Hales - April 5, 2020

I’m interested too.
What components would you recommend.
I will fly it with a DJI controller and use a caddxHD tx

David Hales - April 5, 2020

I’m interested too.
What components would you recommend.
I will fly it with a DJI controller and use a caddxHD tx

Dan-o - March 20, 2020

This is just what I’ve been daydreaming about for months

Benjamin daquigan - March 17, 2020

When can I purchase?

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